Why You Can’t Control Your Cravings For Sweets….and why willpower alone almost never works

New finding uncovers a powerful “Mind-Mouth” connection that makes staying away from sweets almost impossible…and how a new discovery could be the cure to our uncontrollable addiction to sugar.

If you’ve ever tried to cut back on sugar, you know how incredibly difficult it is to stop. For most of us, it’s downright impossible, and we gain weight. Foods full of sugar such as treats, desserts and junk food cause something deep in our brains to crave sweets far more than we should. The system in our subconscious mind that is supposed regulate our calorie and food intake sends the wrong signal. The question is: Why?

An exciting study done by Dr. Gottfried at the University College of London may have found the answer. It appears there is a very strong link between the mind and mouth that overpowers our efforts to cut back on sweet foods.

According to Dr. Gottfried, strong cravings and emotional eating habits do not suddenly appear. Our poor eating habits develop over time and create recurring connections in our brains. It’s these connections that tell our brains to associate sweets and “comfort foods” with stress release which the brain interprets as pleasure.

When we don’t feed our sweet craving or urges to eat, our brain interprets this depravation as pain. That’s why when we go on a diet and start cutting back on our favorite comfort foods, the feelings of stress and anxiety become very strong. Most of us eventually give in and binge on the very foods need to avoid.

This cycle of dieting and then “giving in” over time becomes more and more difficult to overcome. This is why it feels like your willpower is becoming weaker and weaker as the years go by! You’re not alone. This feeling due to the repetition of the same unhealthy eating patterns day after day. You establish a “Mind-Mouth Connection” that grows stronger over time. This Mind-Mouth Connection becomes so entrenched, almost no amount of willpower can overcome it. So even if you know sugar is unhealthy for you and you know it is causing you to gain excessive weight…you simply cannot stop yourself.

Sugar Destroying Herb Overcomes The Mind-Mouth Connection…and it works in just 60 seconds.

A little know ayurvedic herb called Adigam (also know as the “sugar Destroyer”), could be the solution to your uncontrollable sugar cravings. For centuries, ancient cultures in India used Adigam to curb hunger, but it had another interesting attribute. It eliminated desire for all sweets. Just recently, Western scientists “re-discovered” this mysterious herb and began testing its “sugar stopping” properties. Incredibly, what they found was that it could eliminate the desire for any sweet foods, without relying on willpower. Even more surprising was that it worked very rapidly. In one landmark study, every participant had their desire for sweets completely eliminated within 60 seconds.

Researchers theorize that the reason Adigam is so effective is because it quickly affects the “sweet” taste-buds on the surface of the tongue. Instead of swallowing a pill and then waiting for the effect to “kick in”, Adigam doesn’t rely on the digestive tract and allows its sugar stopping effects to be experienced almost immediately.

The effects of Adigam keep your mouth from tasting anything sweet for about an hour. This effectively “retrains” your Mind-Mouth Connection by disrupting your desire for sweets and urge to binge. Your mind tells you; “If you can’t taste it… why eat it?” Incredibly, Adigam easily overcomes years of bad eating habits in just 60 seconds, and it requires no willpower.

Researchers also found that Adigam was a very effective appetite suppressant. In a double blind scientific trial, subjects demonstrated that in a meal immediately after using the product, they naturally ate 22% fewer calories than the placebo group in. (insert scale picture)

Based on a 2500 calorie per day diet, researchers determined that it was very possible to eat 550 calories less per day. This could result in a loss of over a pound of week…without having to exercise.

If you’ve been battling your sweet tooth for years… If you’ve failed time and again to diet or eat healthy… then you should consider giving Adigam a try.

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